About Us

Consensus has started to operate in 2012 as the product of over 25 years of experience. 

Consensus, serving under TÜRSAB as a Group A travel agency, has adopted a tailor-made service understanding.The main objective of Consensus is to offer event-specific solutions on the basis of corporate profile of companies and to implement such solutions in a certain discipline and harmony.

Since its establishment, Consensus has successfully completed several major events at the national and international scale, ranging from different institutions and corporations to individual event organizations and acted with the same level of discipline and dedication for each and every single event.

Consensus, operating under professional work processes,has always succeeded in satisfying its customers through the amateur spirit of its team.Consensus is a trusted service provider for its customers with its cordial approach and innovative solutions and has built a long-lasting companionship with its customers. As Consensus, we keep asking ourselves “How could I make this better?”and thus we are continuously improving ourselves. We always aim to successfully complete all our events by having warm relations with the companies we serve at the congresses, meetings and other events.