Congress Department

Consensus first performs venue sourcing both at the local and international level with a view to deliver the most favorable and high-quality service and offers different alternatives to the customers. Following the approval of the offer, every single activity about the event is planned in a coordinated manner. Every single service required during the events, ranging from private tours to VIP welcoming, from flight booking to state-of-the- art presentation techniques, are offered in a one-stop-shop approach. Most important of all, we execute the entire operation with a 25-years of experience.

Event-specific Services

International Events Department

Consensusdevelops creative ideas to satisfy its target population by considering the budget for any event abroad. The company manages all details from project initialization to realization. It has skills to organize worldwide sales, motivation or incentive trips. The corporate teams plan and apply all details from airplane and hotel bookings to transfer services, cultural travels, customized packages, car rental, guidance, local arrangements and visa services. In addition to alternative tours for special age groups, tailor-made projects may also be developed such as plane or cruiser rentals for larger groups.

Corporate Events and Incentives Department

Periodic Meetings, Launching Events, Dealers’ Meetings, Workshops, Motivational Meetings, Artistic Events / Concerts

Consensus develops fast, creative and quality solutions in all corporate events by combining its sectoral experience and know-how with technology. We provide major contribution to venue sourcing and designing of get-together dinners and anniversary meetings of our private and public customers.

Support Services

Media Management and Press Relations /PR, Hotel Bookings for Individuals / Groups, Flight Bookings, All Kinds of Vehicle and Transfer Services, Technical Services, Concept Development, Graphic Design and Implementation Services

Media Management and Press Relations /PR

Press Conferences (local / international)
  • Press Bulletins (local / international)
  • Live Broadcasting on News Channels
  • Crisis Management
Medya Communications Management
  • Media Planning
  • Rating Services for News and Commercials
  • Media Coverage Reports
  • Social Media Management